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What are you seeking?

You have an idea for a physical product
or service and need some help?

Are you stuck or looking for platform to launch your product? then you are in right place.

the only roadmap that covers both physical product and service launches.

You want to know exactly where to start, so that you can make your ideas tangible and successfully launch your product or service

you want a proven launch framework to bring your products and services to market faster and with less money


you want to know how to find the customers most likely to buy from you, so that your marketing efforts work


you want a step-by-step approach, so that you know exactly what actions you must take to successfully start your launch

you want to identify the right prospects, so that you create a product or service that helps others


you want to start putting your ideas into actions, and stop wasting precious time.


Hear from past participants

we live for having entrepreneurs experience a successful launch and get results from using our PROVEN launch Blueprint for their products and services.

"if you know nothing about launching and your vision is just shelved as a dream, this is an amazing start. a bunch of books won't help the launcher in the way all of the refinements of steps that happened in this course. the resources were very helpful."

Launching a ball spray product

"This process is beneficial for me in launching my service because sometimes I feel stuck in the details. Moving through the loop will keep me “moving”, and validating along the way, while knowing there will be opportunities for me to go back around again to work on the details."

Yolanda Thornton

"I took the Product Launch Lab with Sharon Brown. It’s really highly recommended. Sharon was with me all the way…. I don’t know how she did it, but she was always available."

Geri Burke
Launching a conference, web platform, and course on inner power

" Having never launched a product before, the launch loop will be very helpful by giving a general framework I can rely upon and use with my team in our product development road-map. The high-level labels like “Discovery” give me something to latch onto, which is great to look into for research on my end when we might be stuck."

Ian Butler

"I’ve never given a testimonial before but after taking Sharon Brown’s Product Launch Lab I feel compelled to rave about it… Nothing like a map to organize your process and keep you focused on what to do NOW and what to do NEXT. Without a map and compass, I’m lost in a soup of overwhelm! After learning the different aspects of your proven product loop, I will feel in control and guided thru my first and subsequent product launches!"

SuZen Marie
Launching an organic health food product line

what you need

How launch success happens...

You FINALLY know what steps to do NOW and what are the right steps to do NEXT, and in what order to launch your product or service.  Now you are able to identify the customers most likely to buy from you. 

You feel confident in how to market your product or service, because you are able to easily identify the right prospects and attract qualified leads.

It’s celebration time!… your product is widely celebrated because it helps others, and your service is changing the world.

Finding customers and knowing how to start the launch process for ANY product or service are no longer big challenges for you.  Your business is growing and receiving global exposure.

You have been able to ACE future launches by following the step-by-step Product Launch Lab® framework.  With great success you can prioritize launch activities, gain traction, and bring products to market faster… and now you have an eye toward getting investor funding.

So what if you don't do something?

I can tell you from my experience as a fledgeling entrepreneur in my early days, to now having successfully launched over 180 products and services…. there is a cost to NOT starting the launch process!

If you don’t start now, someone else will. Competitive products and services are always entering the market and the SOONER you can launch the faster you will find your likely buyers and gain traction.

If you’re anything like me… you’ve likely spent countless hours dreaming of what your product will look like and how your service will run flawlessly.

But, when reality sets in, YOU find yourself not knowing where to start or how to move your idea forward.

Bottomline… you DO NOT need to have all the answers about how your product or service will run, but if you keep delaying your dream, then you run the risk of never getting your idea off the ground.

You also run this same risk if you are trying to create a flawless launch. The cost of analysis paralysis gets you NO WHERE

Sure, it makes you feel like you are doing something, but what do you have to show for your work? Where’s your product or service?

Even if you have gotten started or already have a team of people supporting you…. you likely haven’t been able to actually build anything yet, or show something tangible for the hours you have spent… not to mention the money.

Spinning your wheels like this is just an insane waste of time!

We can measure the costs of any of these reasons too… For example, if you estimate that your product or service will bring you $100,000 in revenue per month, then you can imagine that over the course of one year that you are actually losing $1.2M.

just think… this loss is all because you haven’t started… and, that’s $12M over ten years… ouch!

I hope a one million dollar business does not sound like too much for you…

But, just in case, let’s calculate a modest $10,000 per month… well then that means you are still LOSING $120,000 per year or $1.2M over ten years.

Come on!!!… get out of your own way and get on with it… the longer you wait, you are just burying your dream and throwing away your potential.

Message from our Founder

You might be wondering how

I got started, right?

Well… I have launched over 187 products and services in the tech and non-tech fields.  Yep, that many!

And over the years of having some big hits and… some misses too, I developed a set of steps that I found I could use to successfully launch ANY type of product or service. This includes dozens of tech platforms, services, and my multi-million dollar consumer goods brand that received exposure in dozens of international media outlets and was featured in the official Grammy Gift Bags.

…Yeah, the one where celebrities walk away with over hundreds of thousands in free stuff. I’ve been lucky to have gathered insight from talking with and interviewing entrepreneurs, investors, and other industry experts to find out what works and what doesn’t work when launching a product or service.

I am a product launch and project implementation expert, certified business analyst, certified six sigma black belt, and certified project management professional, with a masters in business and project management.

As founder of eLuminate Entrepreneur Network and the Product Launch Lab signature program, I firmly believe any entrepreneur can START their product or service launch by following a step-by-step framework to successfully launch anything, in as little as 30 days.

I have had entrepreneurs just like you be absolutely amazed by what they were able to produce.  Their launches have included everything from….

✔️ Devices to improve diabetic health
✔️ Virtual admin apps
✔️ Workshops on increasing inner power and book publishing
✔️ Lactation education services
✔️ Virtual retreat sales
✔️ ….and Men’s jock spray!

Product Launch Lab® participants have been crushing their launches!  They all get group support and feedback and learn how to launch any type of product or service so that they can bring their ideas into reality.

Participants range from first-time entrepreneurs to experienced serial entrepreneurs who have even received venture funding, and they all want to launch products and services that help others and can change the world.


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